2012 Annual Meeting


March 10, 2012

Called to order: 1:00PM

Board Members in Attendance:  Shawn Dodd, JoAnn Groover, Vince Shirk, Trey Jones, Todd Ferber, and Teri Block.

Amount in Account as of end of February:  $4027.16.  We do have two CDs but not sure what the amount is right now.

Current Membership in South Carolina:  101 Current Members.  The lowest amount ever!!

How to increase membership:  1. Stickers-Saying I play Raquetball,

2. can start an email list to the different clubs to get for members to play in tournaments,

3. Go to Schools to get the kids involved in playing Racquetball.

State Doubles:  Had issues at the Greenville club so we couldn’t have the tournament at that time.  Will try to have it October/November in a local to be named later.

Requirements for board: 1. 50% of the Meetings

2.  Working State Singles/State Doubles

3.  Membership in good standing-USAR


Motion to amend the By-Laws:  Accept Non-Member USAR members to be on the board.

Bill Watkins-1st

Sarah Bates-2nd

Motion as passed

Nominations for the board:  Geoff Goldberg- Greenville

                                      Bill Watkins- Greenville

                                      Josh Qualls-Beaufort


Sarah- 2nd

Motions carried and passed to accept New Board Members.


Bill Watkins will investigate the clubs in Columbia to see about having States there.


General Meeting Ended at 1:20PM

Karen Prine- Motioned

Sarah Bates-2nd