Bylaws/Mission Statement



South Carolina Racquetball Players Association, a non-profit organization.


The name of the organization shall be South Carolina Racquetball Players Association, Inc., herein referred to as SCRPA.  It is a non-profit, non-stock organization.  SCRPA received it’s non-profit status from the IRS.


Section I – Purpose

The purpose of SCRPA is to bring together South Carolina racquetball players and persons interested in racquetball in environments and circumstances which promote and encourage good play, good sportsmanship and good fun which will increase the appreciation for and enjoyment of the sport of racquetball.  This will be accomplished by the following:

·      Serving as the governing body of racquetball in South Carolina.

·      Promoting the sport through tournaments, conducting clinics and camps, establishing tournament guidelines, regulating sanctioned racquetball competitions and appointing specialized racquetball commissions.

·      Increasing membership via recruiting recreational players through their clubs.

·      Developing means to fund the Organization’s programs and newsletters.

·      Hosting various social activities for the benefit of its members.

Section II – Membership

·      The Organization shall have members.

·      Membership to SCRPA is open to all people who are residents of South Carolina and current members of the USAR.

·      A member is a dues-paying individual of any age.  Membership is incumbent upon the payment of yearly dues and the completion of a membership form.  Junior memberships shall be available at reduced rates, but they shall be limited to individuals 18 years of age or younger.

·      The Board of Directors, herein referred to as the Board may reject, suspend, and/or terminate the membership of any SCRPA member who, in the opinion of the Board, has acted in a manner considered to be detrimental to the welfare, image and well being of the association.  All procedures involving disciplinary action must follow the Player Bill of Rights set forth by the USAR and must be reviewed by the USAR before final action can be taken.

Section III – Annual Meeting

  • The annual meeting of the membership shall be held on Saturday at the annual state singles event.

  • Each member of the Organization shall have one vote on each matter submitted to a vote.

  • A quorum at any meeting of the membership shall consist of a majority of the members of SCRPA represented in person or by proxy, and a majority of such quorum shall decide any matter submitted to a vote.

  • Special meetings of the membership may be called for any purpose and held at any place in or out of the state of South Carolina at any time by call of the president or by resolution of a majority of the Board. Notice of such special meetings much be given at least ten days prior to the date of the meeting.

ARTICLE II: Officers and Board of Directors


  • The Board of Directors shall consist of twelve (12) members who receive no payment from SCRPA for their service.  These Directors shall be elected to office by the general membership for one term of 3 years.  Four Directors will retire each year.  Board members whose terms expire, must wait (1) year before becoming eligible to serve an additional term, unless there are not enough willing parties to fill seats being vacated.  Any member of The Board of Directors (including Officers) must attend at least 50% of Board meetings to keep their term in good standing.  

  • In order for the Board to have 4 seats with expiring terms each year, the 2011 elections will be as follows:

    • Of the 6 board members whose term does not expire in 2011:
      • 4 members will be assigned term expiration dates of 2012
      • 2 members will be assigned term expiration dates of 2013
    • For the 6 Board members elected for 2011
      • 2 members will be elected for 2-year terms (term expiration dates of 2013)
      • 4 members will be elected for 3-year terms (term expiration dates of 2014)

  • All Board of Directors must be current members of the SCRPA/USRA.  If a Board member allows his/her membership to SCRPA/USRA to lapse longer than 90 days, they will be automatically removed from the Board.

  • The Board of Directors shall choose (elect) from among themselves a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.  The election of the officers will be held during their first meeting after elections at the state singles event. 

  • The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Organization and shall preside at all meetings.

  • The Vice-President shall assist the President and in the event of the President’s absence, shall act in the President’s place unless his/her powers are otherwise limited by the Board of Directors.

  • The Secretary shall have custody over the Organization’s records except the financial records; shall record the minutes at all meetings, and perform other duties as prescribed by the Board.

  • The Treasurer shall maintain and monitor all monies of SCRPA.  A budget shall be presented annually to the membership, while a Treasurer’s report shall be presented at each Board meeting.  Items to the annual budget may be submitted by any Board member but the final budget must be voted on and approved by the Board.  Officers of the Board shall have at its disposal a discretionary fund of $150.00 per quarter.  Additional expenses not presented in the annual budget shall be brought before the entire Board of Directors for a vote of approval.  The Board may arrange for a professional audit at any time.  The general membership may request and receive a copy of the most recent Treasurer’s report at any time.  Notice must be given to the Board prior to delivering any such requested report.


  • Appointments and Removals:  The officers of the Board shall have the authority to appoint any vacancies in the Board of Directors.  Any officer or board member may be removed with or without cause by a two-thirds vote of the whole membership of the Board of Directors.

  • The Board of Directors may appoint additional individuals either on or off the board to perform specific duties for the SCRPA.  In the event that an appointment is made of a non-elected Board of Directors member, that person shall have no voting privileges on matters brought before the Board.  Such appointed positions may include but not be limited to a Newsletter Editor, Rankings Chair, Events Chair, Mailing Chair, Publicity Chair, Membership Chair, Funding Chair, Junior Program Chair, Regional Chair(s), etc. The Secretary must duly record the duties of such persons and the execution of these duties. These appointed persons should be encouraged to attend board meetings when convenient, as should any other interested members in good standing. Board members can also serve as committee chairpersons.

  • Membership to SCRPA and it’s elected Board of Directors is strictly voluntary.  No member of the Board of Directors or its membership shall be paid or profit from the membership.  Service providers and vendors who are SCRPA members may provide goods and/or services to SCRPA events upon submission of bid and acceptance of the bid by the Board of Directors. 

ARTICLE III: Amendments

  • These Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of all members concurring in said amendment.

  • Members may amend, repeal or alter these Bylaws in whole or in part at any membership meeting, regular or special, by the majority vote of members present, if the proposed amendment or change be included in the notice to members or waivers of notice be obtained.


The following form of Proxy shall be used for membership voting.  The same form may be used by Board of Directors members for voting concerns of the Board.


I, the undersigned member of the South Carolina Racquetball Players Association hereby appoint ________________________ of the South Carolina Racquetball Players Association to be my proxy to attend members’ meetings of the Organization which is to be held on (date) ____________________ and at any continuation thereof, with full power to vote and act for me in my name and place. 

___________________________________________                  Members Name

___________________________________________                  Members Signature

___________________________________________                  Date Signed